Volume 92, Issue 1

Friday, May 15, 1998

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Western and Fanshawe converge

This September, students from Western and Fanshawe College can earn a university degree and a college diploma at the same time.

The two schools will offer joint programs in science and either electrical engineering technology or control systems engineering technology. The science part of the program will be taught at Western while the engineering portion will be taken at Fanshawe.

This is the first cooperative program between the two institutions which will offer both a degree and a diploma.

"We'll see more of these joint ventures in the future," said Yong Kang, dean of the faculty of science at Western. "Companies are looking for more and more skilled people, especially in the information and engineering technology fields."

Speed demons – beware

If you're driving around campus and see some flashing lights ahead, don't panic and reach for your license – it may just be the new portable radar message board.

"The sign is a reminder that the speed limit on campus is 40 kilometres per hour," said Dave Hill, manager of parking and visiting services. "As you approach it, it clocks your speed and displays it back to you."

Hill said it is an attempt to slow people down and keep the campus safe for pedestrians.

"At worst, this experiment will tell us whether these kind of displays work and will give us some meaningful statistics about drivers on the Western campus," he added.

Alumni go online

Western's Alumni Relations and Development Office is about to launch an online directory listing of up to 135,000 alumni.

"[Alumni] can take advantage of a permanent email forwarding service, bulletin boards and chat rooms," said Sara Steers, associate director of alumni relations.

For the first time, the directory will be available as a text, CD-ROM or as a secure web site.

For more information, check out the alumni and friends home page at www.uwo.ca/alumni.

–Michelle Demeyere

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