Volume 92, Issue 1

Friday, May 15, 1998

empty pockets


Davenport struts his stuff for United Way

Gazette Staff

Move over Fabio, here comes Western President Paul Davenport.

Students at home or on campus may have picked up the May 5 issue of the Globe and Mail and found a little surprise – a huge picture of Davenport on page three, modelling for a Harry Rosen Gentlemen's Apparel advertisement.

"What went through my mind [when the ad was published] was that all my friends across the country would be teasing me mercilessly for the next two weeks," he said, adding some ribbing took place but has since died down.

The ad depicted Davenport standing with his arms behind his back, wearing a $750 double-breasted suit with the caption "What Dr. Paul Davenport will be wearing Wednesday" written across it.

He said Harry Rosen's relationship with the university as a member of the Board of Governors and the Richard Ivey School of Business advisory council was how he was approached for the ad.

Davenport's appearance was part of an ongoing advertising campaign by the apparel company, said Sandra Kennedy, manager of advertising and sales promotions at Harry Rosen. "All of the people chosen to be in Harry Rosen ads are customers of Harry Rosen."

As a result of the ad $200 was donated to the United Way of London and Middlesex on Davenport's behalf.

"Things like this are of tremendous benefit to folks like the United Way," said Rick Stevenson, resource development director at the United Way. "It draws attention to us and that recognition is very important to us."

As for future modelling plans, Davenport said he has waited by the phone for 72 hours now and Hugo Boss still hasn't called. "I'm afraid this is it," he said.

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