Volume 92, Issue 1

Friday, May 15, 1998

empty pockets


Spoiled Prez

Re: Pay increase for USC prez, April 2

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to some of the expenses quoted by USC VP-finance Lucy Pinheiro for our beloved president and Board members. I find these figures somewhat absurd and I would like to give a few reasons why.

The $400 per month for rent seems reasonable for a person living alone. However, it is after this figure where I have a beef. The number for food is quoted at $6205, which over twelve months works out to approximately $119 a week. Is this person buying lobster dinners? Most of us are lucky if we can spend in the $50-$75 a week for groceries. If the president has a family, I can see $119 justified. But if not, don't you think it's time to stop over-eating?

The utilities figure accounts for about $95 per month but a phone price is quoted later so this is obviously not included. While I believe it is possible to spend $95 a month for utilities, you should find a better place to live for $400 a month. Let's face it $95 for gas, hydro, and cable is a little pricey.

The next costs quoted are possibly the most absurd. Why are you quoting car costs? Why not just buy a bus pass. A car is a privilege and if you can't afford it, on the bus you must go. And don't go telling me about the benefits of a car like flexibility etc.. You have no right to say anything after blabbing about how excellent this new bus pass will be for all students. I don't know if the president is entitled to this "bus pass," but if not, I am sure the regular cost of a bus pass is cheaper than the over $2,000 you have allowed for car costs.

From my judgement these figures looked embellished to make it look like our president is starving. I am sure most of us could find a way to live cheaper on that $16,152 "after taxes" than Lucy suggests.

RP Gurney

Computer Science II

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