Volume 92, Issue 2

Friday, May 22, 1998

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Fueling into mainstream

Gazette Staff

Fuel is propelling into mainstream music with some hard-wrenching vibes that fill the tracks on their new release, Sunburn. Although their musical talent undercuts the hard-beating jams, many melodic moods can be heard throughout the album.

The fact that this four-piece band comes from a small town in Tennessee has helped them maintain a laid-back stance and has remained a vital part of their attitude.

"In Tennessee our moms and dads taught us everything we needed to know. So we haven't come out [to New York] and had our heads swell," says Brett Scallions, lead singer of Fuel.

Within the foreign lures of city-life, Fuel has still managed to stay true to their original ideals. But holding onto their own way of doing things, while trying to stay afloat in the pit of pop culture is a difficult balancing act.

The band has been working under the wing of such producers as Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam), who have been fostering Fuel's tunes while aiding in the search for the band's voice.

"All we hope is that we don't resemble anyone," explains Scallions from behind his strong Southern accent.

It is their faith in these mainstream coordinators that has allowed the band to place their aspirations in the trusting hands of these producers and mixers. At the same time, Scallions admits that "it's difficult to say 'no I don't like that.'"

It appears to be paying off because the success of their first single, "Shimmer," helped give the band the opportunity to be added to the Godzilla soundtrack, with the new song, "Walk the Sky" – a track Scallions describes as having dark tones, yet a definitive groove.

"All we could do was slap ourselves in the face just to make sure it was real," says Scallions, as he reflected on a recent suave and elegant premiere party attended by the band for the release of the summer blockbuster.

Still, their success has not deterred them from their southern country charm. They plan to stay true to their ideals, while keeping the fuel tank full.

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