Volume 92, Issue 2

Friday, May 22, 1998

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Moonlighting the clubs

Gazette Staff

The diversity of musical tastes and sarcastic banter between the members of Moonyard are carrying them to new grounds in the local bar-scene.

"It's cause and effect," jokes Moonyard's bassist Justin Whittingham of the "perfect vibe" that accompanies a solid show. "The less the songs suck, the better the gig."

Hailing from here in the Forest City, the band thrives on interaction with the audience and succeeds at igniting their crowd by covering songs from the '60s to the '90s, all with a confidence and enthusiasm that stems from the pure enjoyment for jamming.

"We try to make everyone happy," says Whittingham of the accessibility of the band. Frontman Chris Morgan agrees, as he feels "the shows are fun because people recognize the songs and they can tap into them easily."

Despite their success at performing other artist's songs, one cannot live on cover shows alone. Moonyard has opened up a new direction for the band that satisfies their own deeper creative appetites.

"We started writing our own songs about six months ago," says Whittingham. He describes their "ideally democratic" process of song creation as grounded in blind trust and faith in his bandmates. "We bring [the song] out as an individual, then the rest of the band does what they do."

"It's actually a very spiteful process," jokes guitarist Dale Ranick. "Three of us get together behind the other's back and choose what to do."

With backgrounds in such diverse areas as business, fine arts, philosophy and history as well as influences that range from funk, to soul and folk, Moonyard has adopted a communal ideology that contributes to the pot.

"We all bring a portion of our own lives to the band," explains drummer Ben "Bosco" Burrell.

Morgan adds that "[each of our lives] overlap each other, which hopefully translates to a communal feel on stage and then we go away and lead our own lives."

Their paths are destined to cross again tonight, as Moonyard rocks the main stage at G.T.'s.

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