Volume 92, Issue 2

Friday, May 22, 1998

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Western's med school the tops

Western's 1996/97 medicine graduates achieved the highest scores in the country according to the Medical Council of Canada, the formal examining body for Canadian doctors.

Robert McMurtry, dean of the faculty of medicine and dentistry, said after four years of very difficult and stressful studies these results indicate Western's medical school consists of terrific students and a dedicated undergraduate teaching staff. He added admissions for the medical school are very competitive, yet the drop out rate is quite low, at approximately five per cent.

"Western has an innovative and exciting program and is the only school with an ecosystem health program," he said.

Biker gang crackdown

The Ontario Government recently announced it would inject $3.4 million into the Ontario Provincial Police Special Squad to investigate and monitor outlaw motorcycle gangs and a focal point of their efforts is London.

"The biker gang problem is serious everywhere and affects economic and public safety," said Chief Fantino of the London Police Department and chair of the committee for a national strategy to combat outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Matt Blajer, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services, said the priority of the OPP anti-biker gang initiative was to eliminate and eradicate the gangs.

"The biker gang problem is a pressing issue – most Londoners are unaware of the extent of biker gang criminal activity in the community," said London Mayor Diane Haskett.

Fantino agreed administration of the funds is an OPP responsibility. Iit is expected the police will be working closely with various other police agencies including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the LPD.

– Des Stutchbury

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