Volume 92, Issue 2

Friday, May 22, 1998

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Leave 'em alone

Re: Respect foreign law, April 2

To the Editor:

Philip Jones raises several issues in terms of points, that in turn (in terms of issues) raise issues that I believe are important.

Time after time I have been disgusted by the general disrespect shown to the equally valid legal systems of Nazi Germany, pre-Renaissance Spain, and Soviet Russia. Why is it that every time our society mentions these countries, it is with hatred, intolerance, and misunderstanding? Are Canadians so ignorant as to believe that our culture's value for individual lives and self-determination is some sort of universal principle, to be applied even where the local authorities have other plans? What does it say about our society's commitment to diversity when the words "Nazi" or "witch-hunt" or "Inquisition" are always used pejoratively?

It is always a pleasure to find a soul like Jones, who understands that it is a mixture of local culture, arbitrary religion and above all, "coercive authority" that determine right and wrong. Canadians have an obligation to refrain from criticizing the actions of those who hold the reins of power in other places – whether it be the SS, the OGPU, Southern slave owners or drug warriors in the Middle East or at home.

Vive la difference!

Michael Davidson

Computer Science II

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