Volume 92, Issue 2

Friday, May 22, 1998

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PCs are listening

Re: Listening or Hearing, April 2

To The Editor:

Steven Polak's letter still dismisses the facts. In its first session, the Liberal majority government sat for 156 days and spent an average of 1.3 sessional days debating each public bill. It seems that the Liberals rammed legislation through the House and did not listen to the concerns of the public. On the other hand, the PC majority sat for 244 days in its first session and spent an average of 3.2 days debating each public bill.

The government clearly does not dismiss the concerns of citizens as those of "special interest groups." We passed a "Victim's Bill of Rights" in order to protect the citizens of Ontario. The Ministry of Attorney General introduced two special courts, aimed at combating domestic violence and spent another $5.2 million to expand the project to six additional locations across Ontario. These courts will address issues like domestic violence of woman by focusing resources on winning more convictions and preventing further cases of abuse.

Mr. Polack was invited to a "round table discussion" with a cabinet minister from the Ontario PC government. Mr. Polack was given the chance to voice his concerns and the Minister agreed with him. This process is occuring around the province as listening and hearing the public is a fundamental principle of this government.

All of the cabinet ministers are going to universities around the province. They are allowing us to voice our concerns, listening to us, the students. This is clearly not a government that has failed to consult the public.

The opportunity to voice our opinion is there and the PC government has proven that they do want to hear from us. I know if Mr. Polak was THERE, if a CABINET MINISTER is not GOOD ENOUGH for him to VOICE his CONCERNS, which it certainly is, then I can perhaps arrange for Mr. Harris to come and speak with him.

Michael Werenich

Director of Elections


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