Volume 92, Issue 2

Friday, May 22, 1998

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Western needs to come together

Gazette Staff

Any community the size of Western will have a hard time avoiding conflict. However, it is the responsibility of a community to limit conflict to the relevant. At Western, a tendency has developed to let problems on the other side of the world weaken the bonds of our society.

Reflecting on the past school year, one conflict which stands out is the situation that took place between the Arab Students' Association and the Jewish Students' Union. Groups of Western students were bitterly arguing and blaming one another about the mistreatment of the Arabs in the Middle East. By all means, discussion among society's youth is beneficial but negative feelings seemed only to grow between the members of these two organizations.

Every person should be proud of their heritage and support it fully but cannot forget that they are also part of the Western community and more importantly, the Canadian community. It would be nice to see people refer to their nationality as Canadian-Indian or Canadian-Italian rather than Indo-Canadian or Italian-Canadian.

Canadians need recognize the problems which exist here, in Canada. And it needs to be done from the ground up. It is at the level of youth, especially students, where this change needs to occur. We need to come together over more than just Olympic hockey. We need to come together over issues that affect us, like the deregulation of tuition in Ontario.

Some students may not care about such issues because the tuition increases will not effect them immediately. But students must also realize the increased fees will discourage many of the brightest future minds from entering fields such as medicine and dentistry. This will effect Canadians down the road, as the country will not be provided with the best possible service.

It is issues like these where the community must come together and work to effect change. By starting to solve the problems which affect life at home, an effort can then be made to help the rest of the world.

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