Volume 92, Issue 3

Friday, May 29, 1998

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Fashion makes a splash on the catwalk

Tom Baumgartner/Gazette

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

The Grand Theatre definitely got wet this past Sunday, in what was a little too bizarre to cap as just another fashion show.

Splash, a fundraiser for the London Regional Art and Historical Museums and the Grand Theatre, showcased amateur models from the London area in an anything but amateur show.

Despite the silver-painted topless woman falling from a stool at the beginning, the show was quite professional, with fantastic lighting and a wide range of clothing designers, both regional and national. As the show started, a message flashed across the screen – "You are about to see the most unusual thing to come to London in 1998." Unusual? That's probably not the most unfounded claim – this is London.

While entitled Red Glass Soup last year, this year's show most definitely succeeded in accomplishing its fund-raising goals. The theatre was packed with around 400 guests who contributed in the range of $10,000 to the two groups.

As for the evening's entertainment – entertaining it was. Designs from Philipe Dubuc of Montreal and Serena Deparis of Toronto lulled the audience into believing they were viewing a standard fashion show. Female impersonator Matti Dinah's performance of Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart" quickly dissuaded any feelings of familiarity. Not to be outdone, Toronto's Jackae Baker appeared later to energetically strut her(?) stuff as well.

With the help of some martinis, the second half started off with a bang with the designs of local artist Weezi. Uncharacteristically London, the designer's clothes, or lack thereof, found their way across the stage with aerodynamic ease. Throw in a little metal at the hands of Fanshawe College graduate and designer Bridget Savard and the waves started rolling in.

Splash definitely displaced some water and made for an interesting night but the tidal wave didn't come until the end. After the applause the models had one last goodbye in mind. While the finale did recall a Daytona Beach "wet t-shirt" contest, nobody in attendance seemed to mind.

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