Volume 92, Issue 3

Friday, May 29, 1998

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Thumbs up for bus pass

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

In a meeting last Thursday, the Board of Governors placed the final stamp of approval on the $75 universal undergraduate bus pass.

In a short discussion after the unanimous vote, Sam Castiglione, a student Board member and member of the Property and Finance Committee which earlier endorsed the pass, said there would definitely be a positive response from students.

"Students want to know so they can use the bus pass to its best possible potential," he said.

Julian Hogeterp, coordinator of the "no" side during the bus pass referendum, said many students will be extremely unhappy when they notice the extra $75 on their fee bills, in addition to the various tuition fee hikes.

Hogeterp also said he has heard some students threatening to deduct the money from their fee bills. "I don't know how far they'll get though," he said.

Like Castiglione, Michael Rubinoff, another student Board member, was also pleased with the final outcome. "This brings the cost of a bus pass down from $400 to $75." Rubinoff also pointed out student drivers would be able to save gas money for other things.

Hogeterp, on the other hand, said students who own cars are more generally able to afford them, as well as the gas needed to run them.

London Mayor Dianne Haskett, also a member of the Board, was pleased with the approval of the bus pass and said it is a good idea for everyone involved. Haskett also noted the bus pass would help integrate Western students into the community.

"The bus pass will provide a tremendous boom to students and the city as well. We want students to feel they are part of the community and with the bus pass, they'll be able to travel to all parts of the city," she said.

The pass had previously received approval from administration members sitting on the Campus and Community Affairs Committee as well as the Property and Finance Committee on May 11.

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