Volume 92, Issue 3

Friday, May 29, 1998

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Canada's saviour

Re: Jean Charest

To the Editor:

It is unfortunate that Jean Charest decided to leave the PC party, however we still support his decision to move to the Quebec Liberal Party. We will continue to be a strong, united party against outside opposition forces. It is only with Jean Charest's leadership that the PQ forces in Quebec can be disposed of now. We should acknowledge the fact that our leader has chosen to put his country above partisanship.

Jean Charest will truly unite this country and make a difference in both provincial and federal politics. Although it was with great regret that our leader left to pursue provincial politics, we are now looking towards the new millennium.

The coming leadership race will be interesting to say the least and we are eagerly awaiting the chance to choose a new leader. The PC Party will survive in the coming weeks and months. We will not be like a candle in the wind. We are still here, stronger than ever, united, committed and ready to face new challenges.

Michael Werenich

Direction of Elections


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