Volume 92, Issue 3

Friday, May 29, 1998

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What about me

Re: Pay increase for USC prez, April 2

To the Editor:

I am an average Western student and seeing what the USC has done by raising pay for the prez and vice-presidents has disturbed me. In a time where tuition is rising and student aid is tough to get, it's ironic that they think they deserve a raise. Sure they do a lot of work, but what about me; a student who has to fund this inane institution. Given, The Spoke is a great place, but it doesn't constitute a raise for what it does.

I've heard that the justification was because the cost of living was high, and this was to offset that. Why not give assistance to students, to help us out in the rise of the cost of living? That would justify a raise to me.

John Tory

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