Volume 92, Issue 37

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

upholding integrity


Pure hypocrisy

Re: Wasting my student fees, Oct. 23

To the Editor:
I am writing in response to all those people that have blasted Mr. O'Neil's letter. I am personally sick about the hypocrisy and ignorance of those whom advocate the homosexual lifestyle.

They talk about love and tolerance for the way homosexuals choose to live their lives, yet those who choose to disagree with them are automatically written off as hate mongers.

Those who disagree with homosexuality are silenced and censored and are even denied the right to have an opinion. They seem to be calling the kettle black, yet all the verbal abuses they spew at those who disagree with them is reminiscent of what Nazi and Klanspeople have said about racial minorities and Jews.

They say they cannot choose their lifestyle, yet I do not recall any cases of homosexuals being born into the world sodomizing each other. Sure the orientation itself may not be chosen, but the actual behaviour is chosen. Those of us whom disagree with homosexual behaviour do not hate homosexuals themselves, but merely disagree with the lifestyle. How is me disagreeing with what they do hate mongering?

The one chap that wrote to The Gazette the other day, on the one hand was talking about loving and respecting people for whom they are and their beliefs and opinions, while in the same breath saying he is ashamed to go to the same university as Mr. O'Neil. This is outright hypocrisy. You either respect and love everyone, including those of us whom disagree with homosexuality or you just say I only like those whom agree with me.

As for funding to promote homosexuality as being fair, being we live in a pluralistic society, how about the USC and admin also fund family values and pro-life education as well – and let's have a family values library as well.

If you want plurality and equality of all opinions, we should give equal credence to both the homosexual and family values agenda – that way students can have a true choice of which ideal to follow. Until then, I would appreciate not having my money wasted on causes I strongly disagree with.

Karl Makope
History IV

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