Volume 92, Issue 37

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

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Bad results

Re: MIT midterm

To the Editor:
I am writing in regards to the outcome of the MIT 026a midterm exam. Out of a class of 141 people, 90 failed and only one person received an A. That is a 64 per cent failure rate for an exam and the average was approximately 44 per cent. For a first-year course, the result is an outrage.

Coming into university, I was told that my marks would drop drastically and I was prepared for this. However, I still expected to be able to get into second year. Being in the MIT program, in order to progress to the second-year honours or combined honours program, you can have no mark lower than a 70 per cent in an MIT course.

Now, with the results from this midterm, this new faculty is quickly weening students out of its already under-populated program. My purpose in writing this letter is not to gripe about the fact that I and 89 of my classmates failed the exam, but to attempt to comprehend this situation.

If we attend our lectures, do our readings, study to the point of exhaustion and get perfect on nearly all our labs, why are we failing our exams? It would be of great help if someone would tell us what we are doing wrong (as our professor refuses to help) or if we're paying thousands of dollars to set ourselves up for failure.

Dina Mashayekhi
MIT & Women's Studies I

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