Volume 92, Issue 38

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

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Blatant ignorance

Re: Ignorant Nobility, Nov. 3

To the Editor:

This is regarding N.D. Muscutt's Nov. 3 letter, in which he defended Patrick O'Neil's homophobic remarks by claiming that Patrick's remarks were not for his own sake, but a selfless act "out of a care for others."

Out of a care for others, my ass. Considering Patrick was whining about wasting his student fees, I'm willing to bet he couldn't care less about the homosexual people he condemns.

N.D. Muscutt, you also reveal your blatant ignorance when you say that homosexuality is incompatible with monogamy (and therefore also implying that heterosexuality is always synonymous with monogamy). I have gay friends who are involved in long-term, monogamous relationships that can prove you wrong. Likewise, I have heterosexual friends who are not the least bit interested in monogamy.

Your opinions on this matter seem to stem from a ridiculous stereotype that you seem to have regarding sexual orientation. Stereotypes are nothing more than simply stereotypes, but sadly enough, misinformed people who are unable to deal with differences often use them as a means of oppressing groups of people that they are intolerant of, rather than trying to actually back up their opinions with real facts and logic.

Maybe you should consider educating yourself a little before you make a fool of yourself in front of thousands of Gazette readers. I'm surprised that such obviously flawed logic is coming from someone who purports to be a philosophy major. What a shame.

Helen Luu
Sociology III

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