Volume 92, Issue 38

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

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How do you define equity?

Re: Equity week

To the Editor:

I would think that people concerned with relations between politically recognized tribes – read "diversity" – would be pleased that Equity Week was a failure. Don't we want a world where colour of skin, religious beliefs, style of dress and native language are understood to be irrelevant in reasonable peoples' interactions?

Why are we continually exhorted by media and government to see ourselves as members of "groups" putting forward "issues and concerns" – that is, demands for special treatment based on tribal origins or flesh tone? The very idea that two humans with differently tinted meat have inherently different "issues and concerns" is ITSELF the very PREMISE of racism!

The irony of treating two people differently based on lineage and calling it equity would be hilarious if it weren't such a common assumption in Canadian political thought. Racism only ends when every person is seen as a unique and irreplaceable individual and not as a member of some institutionally sanctioned "group."

And if that isn't what is meant by equity, then the hell with it in all of its manifestations.

Mike Davidson
Computer Science III

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