Volume 92, Issue 39

Thursday, November 12, 1998

not too late to reconsider football too


Adamski ain't noThing

Adamski's Thing

Not only is this album horribly bad, it is horribly bad in every way possible.

Adamski's new album Adamski's Thing was intended to combine two unique musical genres to contribute to a greater whole. Unfortunately it attempted to combine elements of music, which by the sound of things, were obviously never meant to be together. House music and soul vocals, together at last? Brave, but most definitely not a good combination. A little bit of thought instead of blind ambition may have saved this artist a lot of time and effort.

The album is a "mishmash" of incredibly bad samples, unoriginal beats and absolutely awful sounding vocals. Whoever okayed this project must be kicking themselves now and hard. It is just that bad.

Think of the worst techno beats ever created, strip them down to house music style, throw in some terrible samples (six-year-old daughter saying things, spoons, plates) and then add vocals which sound like any one of those generic boy dance bands trying desperately to be soulful. Then you're getting close. Words cannot truly convey the absolute pain caused by listening to the entire album.

Not only is the album bad, the whole concept just comes off so poorly it is enough to make you never want to be exposed to electronic music again. The album possesses enough bad moments to cover the career of some artists. It is ridiculous the extent to which Adamski has gone to prove himself untalented and tone deaf. A unique career move, yes, but not a wise one.

The song titles are about the only saving grace for the album, but not because they're decent or intelligent. It's just they're absolutely hilarious. For example, "Intravenous Venus" or "Champagne or Real Pain?" But the hilarity is quickly forgotten once the torture begins. Please, just leave the rhyming couplets to Mother Goose.

But of course, it gets worse from here. Who could forget the classic, "Memories of the Future," which Adamski was actually vain enough to remix and include as a bonus track. Who does this guy think he is?

As a final word, avoid Adamski's Thing at all costs.

Don't risk a permanent distaste for a formidable genre all because of one bad apple.


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