Volume 92, Issue 39

Thursday, November 12, 1998

not too late to reconsider football too


Muslims are part of the nation

Re: Helping the right, Nov. 6

To the Editor:

While Mr. Karimuddin mentioned the international support for the Muslims of Kashmir, it is interesting to note he forgot to mention the Muslims who live all over India – the 150 million whose parents chose India during the partition. He also forgot to mention India's two Muslim presidents, army chiefs, nuclear scientists and the Muslims who celebrate the prophet Mohammed's (peace be upon him) birthday as a national holiday.

Many Muslims in India have endorsed India's stance on the Kashmir issue. For me, India cannot exist without my Muslim brethren. Mr. Karimuddin portrayed this dispute as a war between India and Muslims. It is not and I know many proud Indian Muslims who could tell you that it is a political dispute between India and Pakistan.

Mr. Karimuddin mentioned 20,000 people have died in Kashmir since 1990. I do hope this number includes Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist civilians who were punished by the Pakistani-sponsored terrorists for not joining their cause. He mentioned Muslim holy sites being desecrated and I am not blind to the religious discrimination/extremist groups that exist. But these events and extremist groups are a minority and cannot be used to stereotype India, where 900 million people of all faiths, 2,500 languages and dialects exist in a secular democracy.

Western's PSA chose to show human rights abuses of Kashmir during Equity Week. I hope they also paid attention to the Muslim, Christian and Hindu minorities who get persecuted in Pakistan. I also hope they mentioned that India held elections in Kashmir where a Muslim, Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, got elected, showing that people of Kashmir do get to choose their own future.

Bravo to Mr. Karimuddin for choosing to represent only the extreme views of the Pakistani Government.

Prabhu Hariharan
Science III

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