Volume 92, Issue 39

Thursday, November 12, 1998

not too late to reconsider football too


Categorizing letter writers

Re: Opinions section

To the Editor:

On any given day, one can flip to the Opinions page of The Gazette and expect to see a letter to the Editor addressed from one of four types of people.

(1) Those who like to complain about anything and everything. These letters are dripping with controversy and can be easily spotted. Examples of these letters include those regarding vital campus issues such as lab coats, the service of the LTC, revolting odours, dead squirrels and super moms who do not allow their children to be babysat by television.

(2) Those who like to expose the people from the above group as the whiners they are. These letters are generally more entertaining than the initial letters and attempt to convince those to whom they are responding that they do not have the right to an opinion.

(3) Outsiders who wish to be involved in the fray. When a debate rages on for days, the end product is numerous letters being published from many different people across campus all voicing their own point of views. When this happens, it is more entertaining than a Jerry Springer episode, minus the flying chairs and black eyes. Controversy sells, so this is the ultimate goal for the editors of The Gazette. I believe that sometimes the Editor publishes a make-believe letter from an imaginary student just to create conflict.

(4) Warren Flood. It seems to me that Warren writes a letter on a daily basis. It is wonderful that he likes to state his point of view, but if he enjoys writing so much, why doesn't he become a full-time writer for The Gazette? This way, he can write all the articles he wants, instead of being limited to the maximum 300 words that a letter to the Editor allows.

B. Hutzal
Engineering II

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