Volume 92, Issue 39

Thursday, November 12, 1998

not too late to reconsider football too


Heavy workload

Re: Why are exams so late this year? Nov. 3

To the Editor:

My dearest Ms. Lemieux. Call me a simple-minded individual, but I, as well as many others at Western require time to study for my various exams. I don't know the level of difficulty of honours psychology exams, however, I am aware of how difficult my exams are. I would like to see you write some of the following exams in the first five days of the exam period: Thermodynamics, Engineering Dynamics, Calculus, etc. Most students at Western need time to study for their exams.

I'm sorry that your boss won't let you work this holiday. Unfortunately labour day occurred a week later this year and neither the calender nor the length of the school term can be altered to fit your personal schedule. I took advantage of this extra week before labour day to make as much money as possible before university started.

Last year you were very fortunate to be finished your exams so early, while I on the other hand was writing exams up until the next to last day. This year I only write exams until Dec. 16. Those are the breaks!

In your letter to the Editor, you said that you didn't want to come across as a complainer, however, YOU DO. Please keep your complaints to yourself and have a happy and relaxing holiday.

Mark Tate
Mechanical Engineering II

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