Volume 92, Issue 40

Friday, November 13, 1998

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Fiendz are breaking all barriers

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The Fiendz, a progressive punk band hailing from the New Jersey suburbs, are an aggressive and hyper punk band excited to change the rules with Cole, their latest release on the Black Pumpkins Record Label.

"More bands are still sticking with where the Ramones were at in 1978. To us, that's not really progressive," explains drummer and vocalist Joe Darone. "That's more traditional."

Eager to break all the barriers, the Fiendz have taken the last three years off to record over 30 songs for this project.

It's by far the best album the Fiendz have done. It sums up what we're capable of," says guitarist Joe Mahoney.

With help from producer Tim Gilles, the recording process allowed the Fiendz to go places they want to with the record. As a talented musician and producer, Gilles has exposed the band to new and influential progressive rock.

Although the Fiendz have gotten flack in the past for writing music considered to be too radio-friendly, Darnone stands by their efforts. "It's just been the natural progression for the group. We think the older stuff is a lot more bubble-gummy. We're trying to extend to something less commercial," he says.

With varying interests and influences ranging from jazz to classic rock to metal to classical, the band views change as a good thing. "Everytime you change there's going to be some people who like it and some people who don't," Mahoney says.

One point the members of the Fiendz agree on is the huge influence rockers Elvis Costello and Frank Zappa have had on their ever-changing punk sound. "Although we have really varied tastes, we have a lot of common ground which is pretty much the area we work in," Darone explains.

Citing themselves as not purely entertainment, Mahoney says the Fiendz choose to convey a musical message. "We're in it for the music – chasing the music."

The Fiendz's chase leads them to Call the Office tonight.

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