Volume 92, Issue 40

Friday, November 13, 1998

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Mall management

Re: Using the UCC

To the Editor:

If there is anyone out there who thinks the USC is a student government, it's time to wake up, give your head a shake and face facts. This year, coinciding with renovations that are slowly turning the UCC into a mall, the USC has become a glorified mall management firm.

Instead of being interested in students' efforts to build community, they are only interested in the rights of a few merchants.

Witness their response to Oxfam's request to hold a "Buy Nothing Day" event in the atrium. Last year's event was peaceful and actually showed how the UCC (the University Community Centre, for those who have forgotten – USC Board of Directors!) can be used to build community and bring people together.

A few merchants complained and this year they rejected Oxfam's request to hold the same event, citing the rights of merchants.

Does this sound any different than the reaction you'd get from the management of a mall if you asked to hold a anti-consumer rally in their main hallway? Not really. The difference, though, is that this is coming from an organization run by people elected to express and promote the interests and concerns of students.

Once upon a time, student governments were vital organizations committed to making universities a place for exploring ideas and finding out how to live principled lives. It seems that our USC has become the administration's loyal assistant in helping to turn everyone into an uncritical supporter of this late 20th century utopia – the consumer society. Hip hip hooray!

John Fraser
Politics IV

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