Volume 92, Issue 41

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

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Huron extends program

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

Following Western's lead, Huron College has changed its three-year bachelor of arts administrative and commercial studies program to a four-year program.

The change, which was passed at Friday's Senate meeting, will see the program replaced by a four-year general bachelor of administrative and commercial studies program, a move similar to the change Western made last spring.

John Thorp, chair of the Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Admissions, said he brought the proposal before Senate for Huron College to bring the Huron program in line with the one on main campus.

Ted Hewitt, director of Western's ACS program and associate dean of the faculty of social science, said Western decided to make the change last spring because it was necessary. "The rationale behind the change to a four-year program had to do with the need to expand the program to increase content."

Hewitt explained the previous ACS program was composed of four "streams" which are similar to areas of concentration. The new program saw these four streams combine to form two – finance and administration and organizational human resources.

There just was not enough room in a three-year program to do all the things they wanted to do and now all of the colleges are making the move to the four-year format, Hewitt said. "The benefit [to completing] the reformulated program is the level of accomplishment."

Hewitt added it is a good thing the colleges are changing their programs to match Western's because it will avoid the confusion of two different degrees.

Jim Crimmins, dean of arts and social science at Huron College, said the college will now offer the same two streams the university offers, plus a third, international stream. "We teach a program in international and comparative studies. It is a part of the strength of the college that we have developed this international component."

Hewitt said Western is currently contemplating new streams for their program and the colleges are doing the same. "The colleges are free to pursue their own interests," he said.

Students at Western and Huron currently enrolled in the three-year ACS program have the option of finishing it or transferring into the four-year program. Students enrolling in the program next fall will not have this option.

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