Volume 92, Issue 41

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

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Welcome to the new days

Re: Back in the day, Nov. 12

To the Editor:

This is simply to express my disgust with a recent article published in the Sports section of The Gazette on Nov. 12. The article, entitled "Back in the day" by John Intini, is the most disgraceful load of crap I have ever seen in my entire life. John Intini has absolutely no idea what he is talking about and I think that The Gazette should seriously reconsider its current status in our society today.

Mr. Intini is not a wrestling fan and obviously has absolutely no knowledge of the World Wrestling Federation today. Sure, he may have watched wrestling "back in the day," but the industry has changed so dramatically in the past few years and has been adapted to a much more mature audience. The changes have obviously been successful as WWF Raw is War is the no. 3 rated show on cable television today.

Mr. Intini has no knowledge of the wrestling industry today and I don't think that he should be permitted to write such gibberish when his knowledge of sports ENTERTAINMENT is more limited than his writing ability itself.

For your information John, Hulk Hogan is now 46 years old and "Mean" Gene Okerlund recently suffered a stroke and his time in the wrestling industry is limited and Junkyard Dog is dead, you moron! Maybe that can explain why they are not capable of measuring up to such superstars as the incomparable "Rock" or the immensely successful "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The WWF is now more successful than it has ever been, selling out Wrestlemania 14 in seven seconds, a new world record.

So John Intini should get his facts straight before writing on a subject that he has absolutely no knowledge about. I think that John should watch his back cause you never know when "The Rock" will lay the smackdown on someone's ass!

Rob DiTrapani
Social Science I

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