Volume 92, Issue 42

Wednesday, November 18, 1998



Police blotter

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

Although no reports of howling wolf-people were reported to the University Police Department this past week, the lead up to Friday the 13th saw various smaller events take place throughout campus.

According to Const. Wendy McGowan of the UPD, campus police received two reports of incidences regarding counterfeit money. The first took place on Nov. 11 in the University Community Centre and the second occurred the next afternoon at approximately 4 p.m. in the Natural Sciences Centre cafeteria.

McGowan noted counterfeit prevention around campus can be seen by the many signs being posted around checkout counters which explain $50 bills will not be accepted. "It's a criminal offence to knowingly pass these bills," McGowan said.

One of the first calls into the UPD on Nov. 13 took place at approximately 8:30 a.m., from a caretaker at Bayfield Hall. "He reported the theft of a power washer," McGowan said.

Later that evening, at approximately 7:30 p.m., Campus Recreation staff reported a number of men who were fighting on the basketball court in the UCC. "No charges were laid because it was determined [the fight] was consentual," McGowan said, adding the fight was most likely over someone who was unsatisfied with the manner in which an opponent made a basket.

Slightly before 12:30 p.m. during the football game on Saturday, an unauthorized vendor was reported in the parking lot of the J.W. Little Stadium. Although it is unclear what the vendor was selling, McGowan said it was not the same vendor who, last week, was selling electronic equipment from a white van.

"Sometimes when people know there's something going on in the stadium, they think it's a good opportunity to sell their merchandise," she said.

At 1:26 a.m. on Nov. 15, police were summoned to Oxford Drive between the UCC and the Social Sciences Centre where four males were reported causing a disturbance. "They left prior to our arrival, but the officers stuck around – sometimes just their presence can prevent anything further from happening," McGowan said.

Yesterday at approximately 1 p.m. McGowan said the UPD received a call from the parent of a student at Western who was concerned about his daughter's well-being. "I guess he hadn't heard from her in a while – the parent wanted us to check up on his daughter," she said. McGowan added this is not an uncommon request for service.

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