Volume 92, Issue 42

Wednesday, November 18, 1998



Start with advertisements

Re: X-Rated Avenue, Nov. 6

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to your editorial from Nov. 6 entitled "X-Rated Avenue." The Gazette appealed to the citizens of London to avoid the new sex shop which opened on Dundas Street last week, in order to make the statement that this is not what downtown needs. I applaud the author for taking a stand and encouraging others to do so as well, especially regarding the issue of pornography.

However, I was disappointed to notice that while this appeal to save the downtown core from smut appeared on page 6, on page 8 was an advertisement for Solid Gold, another adult entertainment establishment located a few blocks from the new sex shop.

I in no way wish to undermine a voice speaking out against pornography because it is an industry that is detrimental to half of the world's population, but let's start at home and end support for smut by not advertising it in our student newspaper.

Christine McLeod
English and Women's Studies IV

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