Volume 92, Issue 42

Wednesday, November 18, 1998



Sex does sell

Re: Urban Sound Exchange Ad, Nov. 12

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to the Urban Sound Exchange ad on page 6 of The Gazette last Tuesday. The ad's title is "Bare Bones Deals" and pictures a sketch of a very thin woman in what looks to be a bra and underwear. Is she supposed to be the bare bones? What does the picture of this nearly naked woman have to do with CDs? What is the image they are trying to portray?

Also, the editorial for the same day was about Calista Flockhart and the seriousness of eating disorders. Plastering her skeletal image is just as detrimental as plastering this picture which looks as if it should be in an XXX publication. This ad is degrading not only to women, but to the intelligence of both sexes, as the image of this woman bears NO correlation to what the company is trying to sell.

I've always found The Gazette to be respectable, but publishing ads like these is a backwards step. It is true that sex sells, but can we at least avoid it in a student newspaper?

Dina Mashayekhi
MIT & Women's Studies I

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