Volume 92, Issue 43

Thursday November 19, 1998

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All quiet on new rez front

By Becky Somerville
Gazette Staff

The building of Western's new residence is well underway and nothing seems to be slowing its progress.

Construction of the five-storey building on University Drive began in June and will accommodate 400 students – possibly rectifying the situation of not enough room for upper-year students in residence.

According to Dave Riddell, senior director of physical plant and capital planning services, construction got off to a late start, but is back on schedule. "It's progressing and we are very hopeful it will be completed as contracted."

Larry Spasuk, superintendent for Bradscot (MCL) Ltd., the company contracted to build the new residence, said construction was actually three to four weeks ahead of schedule.

The completion date is set for July 11, 1999, he said. He added Bradscot has not received any criticism from the public and there have been no on-site injuries.

Riddell said physical plant has received a few complaints from neighbouring Tower Lane residents concerning noise outside of working hours, but has not heard anything negative from the adjacent residences.

"In terms of construction, we told people there might be some noise and I believe they have accepted that," Riddell said.

Jay Casselman, a Tower Lane resident, agreed there was bound to be construction noise. However, the big issue with him was the way in which Western's administration neglected to inform Tower Lane residents of its plans, he said.

"The everyday bother of noise is nothing compared the way the university has dealt with the master plan and the [residence] construction," he said.

The university anticipated some noise complaints so they requested the contractors to do loading and staging work behind the building, said manager of housing services, Chris Bumbacco.

"We didn't want there to be chaos on University Drive," he said. "The building acts as a sound buffer."

David Hamilton, residence manager for the University Drive residences, said he has not received any noise complaints from students. "The bulk of construction that would cause noise was put in during the summer," he said.

"You have to keep your window closed or it's loud," said first-year arts student and Sydenham resident, Dionne Vassall. "Otherwise it's not a big deal."

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