Volume 92, Issue 43

Thursday November 19, 1998

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Remembering respect

Re: Don't let Canadian history die, Nov. 11

To the Editor:

First, I'd like to thank John Intini for bringing to light the subject of Remembrance Day. I find it refreshing that someone noticed the otherwise unaware population here at Western.

As I walked through the nucleus at approximately 11 a.m. Nov. 11, I promptly removed my hat as I heard "Taps" being played over the radio. Some people shut up and I admire that. But some were more concerned about what they wanted in their coffee or whatever. Not only should we remember those who fought for us, "the future of Canada," but we should also think about what might have happened if the Allied forces didn't come out on top.

I'm not usually one to be influenced by the entertainment industry but I was one of many who saw Saving Private Ryan. Granted, it's just a movie. And granted, there were some parts that probably didn't happen and I have yet to confirm the accuracy with a veteran.

But taken into perspective, we're lucky to live in Canada. We are lucky to be in school, learning what we want to learn, to become the best researchers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, etc. that we can be. Think about how we don't have to leave our schools and families to go fight in some far off land that we might not come home from. Think about not having to watch our friends who shared the same fate get blown to pieces a few feet away from you.

Mind you, as my lab partner had pointed out to me, the next World War will probably be nuclear so we can enjoy all the qualities of war in the comfort of our living rooms. Just my two cents.

Eric Ho
Zoology IV

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