Volume 92, Issue 44

Friday, November 20, 1998

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Correct the mangled spellings

Re: Hockey Pool, Nov. 13

To the Editor:

To have to write this letter twice just to get the message across to the Sports editors I think is pretty pathetic, but because they fail to attend to the problem at hand, I guess I have no choice but to write this letter again and again until finally someone in the Sports department will take some sort of action.

What many of my fellow colleagues here in physical therapy and I are complaining about is how badly the Sports editors have MANGLED so many of our names in The Gazette Hockey Pool. It is truly amazing to see how of the top 10 names, they can screw up four of them. It was amusing at first, but when you guys mashed my name too, then sorry boys, that's when I have to draw the line too.

First place winner Steve DiCiacci is suppose to be Steve DiCiacca, second place Deanna Daulings is suppose to be Deanna Dowling, ninth place Alisson Cheng is suppose to be Alison Cheng, 10th place Dennis Ne is suppose to Dennis Ng and in the previous top 10 list, Jajdeep Girn is suppose to be Jasdeep Girn.

Incidentally, it is also truly amazing how you guys got Steve's name spelled correctly on the blurb beside the top 10 list, yet couldn't get it right in the actual top 10 list itself!

We all realize that there can only be one winner out of this hockey pool, but at least let many of us enjoy our 15 minutes of fame with our names spelled correctly in the top 10 list.

Dennis Ng
Physical Therapy III

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