Volume 92, Issue 44

Friday, November 20, 1998

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Jonckheer wins joust with big men

Tom Baumgartner/Gazette
THIS IS WHY THEY CALL ME A POWER FORWARD. Power forward Chris Gruhn [15] blows one past a Windsor Lancer en route to a three set victory.

By Justin Klein

Gazette Staff

The Western Mustangs men's volleyball team continued their undefeated season as they handed the Windsor Lancer's a 3-0 defeat in dominating fashion Wednesday night.

The key for the Mustangs was to shut down the Lancers, two strong forwards. Jeremy Jonckheer, the six-foot-seven middle, was the man entrusted with this task.

Jonckheer, who is leading the league in blocks, stepped up to the challenge and personally shut down Windsor's offence in the first game, allowing the Mustangs to win the game 15-7.

"We played well because we never let them get any momentum," said Mustang intern head coach Joffer Ribout. "Jonckheer took care of Steve Robinson up the middle, a major asset to the Windsor team and this really helped us out."

Ribout decided to change things up in the second game, bringing in some guys from the bench. Chris Gruhn, the six-foot-four power forward and Western's "sixth man," really took advantage of the playing time and single handedly tore apart Windsor's defence in the second game.

Gruhn, who is well deserving of the label "power forward," bounced a number of spikes off the chests of the helpless defenders who were too slow in getting out of the way.

Gruhn helped Western dig Windsor's grave a little deeper, as he assisted the team in winning the second game 15-5.

"Chris is a player who offers so much to us," Ribout said. "He is so smart and skilled in every aspect of the game. He can step in wherever we need him and do the job."

Windsor was also inept at stopping the play of co-captain and left-side player Craig Rideout who was able to score at will, ending a late surge by the Lancers to clinch the win.

"I think the team played really well today," Rideout said. "It was good to get a quick 3-0 victory under our belt and help us to remain the only undefeated team in the league."

Windsor's head coach Hugh Kemmire could not say the same thing about the performance from his team. Kemmire said a lot had to do with the team's physical stature on the court.

"We have played well over the last couple weeks and tonight you could see that we just came out flat," Kemmire says. "Western has a much taller team than we do and it showed with how many more blocks they had."

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