Volume 92, Issue 45

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

sweet as it comes


Ivey continues business of advertising school

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

Western's Ivey School of Business continued efforts to sell itself to the country with a pull-out section in Friday's Globe and Mail.

The eight-section feature, called "Managing for Success," is an agreement the business school renewed with the Globe and Mail after the success of a similar eight-issue deal made the year before. From September to April Ivey will be featured once a month through articles written by the school's faculty and alumni.

"It is primarily to increase awareness of the school amongst potential students and the sponsors of the school and the business community in general," said Ed Pearce, publisher and editor of "Managing for Success."

Pearce, who is also the publisher and editor of The Ivey Business Quarterly, said the feature has been very well received and depending on how the rest of the year goes, they hope to renew the agreement for another year.

Ken Hardy, associate dean at Ivey, said they decided to renew the agreement because of last year's success. "We reached 320,000 people with it. It's good exposure for the school."

Hardy said the cost to the business school was almost nothing because of the advertising content in the section. At regular prices, each pull-out section would cost about $180,000, adding up to over $1 million for the year.

Bonnie Graham, project manager at the Globe and Mail, said when a school requests a section like this, outside people are usually contracted to do the writing. "The Ivey school is the only one with a series and we allow them to do the writing – they have respect as being experts in their field."

Pearce said this could be indicative of the quality of the faculty at Ivey. "It may be differences in the quality of writing and the name. Ivey is one of the pre-eminent business schools in the country – the name speaks for itself," he said.

Pat Morden, acting editor of "Managing for Success," said the features are not simply part of an advertising campaign. "They are the published research and information by Ivey staff that is of interest to practising managers."

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