Volume 92, Issue 45

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

sweet as it comes


Not legitimizing

Re: Endorsing propaganda, Nov. 12

To the Editor:
With all due respect, we felt compelled to address the issues raised in Prof. Carroll's Nov. 12 letter.

We commend him for his active concern in the important task of unearthing the myths which have been perpetuated as historical truisms. We agree with the fact that the horrors of the past must be confronted in order to unmask tragedies that we ourselves must share the guilt of. However, we object to his assertion that wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day necessarily legitimates wartime propaganda.

He is presumptuous in glossing over the complicated layers of conflicting emotion that we feel on Remembrance Day. We DO NOT buy into a sanitized version of history. But, when only one day a year is set aside to shake out the cobwebs of our collective memory, we choose to take this time to celebrate the valour, to mourn the losses and to reflect on the suffering that are the tragedy of war.

Sarah Duda
History IV
Sylvia LeRoy
Political Science IV

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