Volume 92, Issue 46

Wednesday, November 25, 1998



Pick up the crap you leave behind

Re: Dog feces

To the Editor:

Usually, I walk to visit my friends who live in University Towers. I start my walk off by heading north on Richmond Street from Huron Street on the left side of the street (past Beckers and Shoppers Drug Mart).

But as I reach Richmond Street and University Drive I am forced to cross the street. If I do not and continue on the left side of the street, something soon draws my attention to the sidewalk beneath my feet. All of a sudden I realize I have entered what seems to be a minefield of dog dung.

I then start hopping from one foot to the other, trying not to get the brownish-yellowish stuff with the pungent odour on my shoes. This makes for a most unpleasant walk.

I, the owner of a dog, take a plastic bag with me every time I take my dog for a walk. I follow my dog around and pick-up his droppings and put them in the bag. Then, I do not leave the plastic bag on someone else's property by disposing of it behind their bushes, as I saw one dog owner do. But I take the bag home with me and dispose of it in my own garbage.

It really ticks me off that people are not considerate enough to pick up after their own dog – especially when the dog drops on the sidewalk. How would these same dog owners feel if I left my dog's droppings on their driveway, front porch or lawn so they could step in it and be disgusted.

In closing, this is a wake-up call to all those dog owners out their who are inconsiderate enough not to pick up after their own dogs when they drop on other people's property and sidewalks. I have some words for them: "Stop being lazy! STOOP and SCOOP!"

Monica Di Nello
Kinesiology II

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