Volume 92, Issue 47

Thursday, November 26, 1998

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Underground sound

Photo by Sara Falconer

By Sara Falconer

Gazette Staff

Despite the fact they are standing at the side of the 401, discussing their flat tire at the mercy of a cop who is actually named Officer Grumpy, it is hard to mistake Bad Blood for anything but what they are – a hardcore band.

The Toronto-based group, which formed in 1996 from the remains of Yet Another Posse, is a commanding presence both on and off stage. Their first album, 1400+, was named after the combined weight of the band. However, Deuce (guitar), F (bass), D-O (drums) and vocalists Billy and Dove form a relentless musical force which goes far beyond appearances.

As a test of their strength, they recorded their newest release, Amplify, in only two short months.

"It's something we've never done before and never will again," Billy says. "I'm surprised we didn't kill each other." Still, the finished product is worth it, he explains. "There's a lot more to the music. When we put together the last album, we were such a young band."

F agrees. "It's a new side of us, more melodic, but with the aggressive edge we've always had."

When asked why a group who has such a loyal following is still independent, F laughs. "Hopefully once this album gets sent out, we won't be."

Regardless of their tough exterior, the key to Bad Blood's success has been their tight relationship as a band. "We love each other so we never stay mad," Billy mentions. A couple of hours stuck on the side of the road en route to their most recent show in London gave them a chance to demonstrate this love.

The stressful trip was worth it though, F says. "As far as dedication, London is good to us. They're not our biggest audience, but they're terribly patient because we don't get there very often."

Now that they are stronger than ever, their plans are a little more ambitious than merely recording the next album. This summer, F and Billy devised a plan to unite their two favorite things – heavy music and wrestling. The result was Ring'N'Ears, the first ever wrestle/music fest.

The first show was on Aug. 7, with an encore presentation Nov. 13 at the Opera House in Toronto, showcasing the Burlington-based independent Renegade Wrestling Alliance, alongside aggressive local groups, including Trigger Happy, Scratching Post, Random Killing, Twin Fold, ADF and Trunk.

The all-powerful Bad Blood hopes to take R'N'E on tour next summer, challenging Lilith Fair, Warped Tour and the rest of the wussy festivals to a rumble.

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