Volume 92, Issue 47

Thursday, November 26, 1998

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Canadian Club opts for sovereignty from Huron

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

Huron College's Canadian Club has decided to change its name and separate from Huron over jurisdictional differences.

The club faced controversy last month after failing to bring Peter Jennings to campus after promising to do so. Partially in response to this incident, Bill Simpson, president of the Huron College Students' Council, said he wrote a letter to one of the club's presidents, Chris Hardy, to outline the council's concerns about the club.

Simpson said he received a letter in response one week later from the Canadian Club's director, Bill Easter, informing council of their decision to disassociate and rename themselves the University Canadian Club of Western Ontario.

"The Huron College Students' Council sent a letter to build a stronger relationship. We asked them to do some things they were unable to do and they made an internal decision to disassociate," Simpson said

Because it is possible for student clubs to incur debt, Simpson explained they wanted to make sure there was more of an exchange of paperwork between council and the club. "I've never seen a balance sheet but I know they've had some outstanding obligations."

Simpson said the club's decision left him with mixed feelings because although council no longer has to answer student concerns about the club, the association had the potential to be a good thing.

Easter said the council made requests they could not satisfy under their national charter. "They made requests of us in terms of our financial dealings. They wanted audit capacity placed under council which we can't do under our national charter."

Another issue Easter said the club took exception to was the council's request to have control over which speakers the club would be bringing to Huron. "The main issue was their right to accept or reject speakers," he said.

Easter said they received permission from the National Association of Canadian Clubs to change their name and they have made plans to affiliate their club with the University Students' Council. "We are applying to [the National Association of Canadian Clubs] to change our charter to the main campus."

Melissa Cousineau, VP-student affairs for the USC, said the club made inquiries about USC affiliation earlier this week. "The onus is on them to tell us why they want to be a club."

Cousineau added it was her understanding that Huron College does have different requirements of their clubs than the USC does. "It's not that they didn't want to be a part of Huron College."

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