Volume 92, Issue 47

Thursday, November 26, 1998

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It's time to realize things change

Re: Welcome to the new days, Nov. 17

To the Editor:

This is a response to all those silly cats who have completely misread and misunderstood John Intini's article concerning the good old days of wrestling. I think it is highly unreasonable to consider John Intini "ignorant" and unknowledgeable of current wrestling.

Here is my proposal: Intini must follow or know about current wrestling in order to do this article, n'est-ce pas? All John was saying was that wrestling was better and more entertaining in the eye of the sports viewer, back in the day.

I do attest – and I'm sure Intini does too – that wrestling is more popular now than ever before. The only difference is that wrestling now puts the emphasis on the spectacle (eg. the fireworks, the unearthly bodies, the special effects and the unrealistic storylines) as opposed to the actual fight itself.

Just watch the fans' reaction when "Stone Cold" and Vince McMahon bicker versus their reaction when X-Pac fights "The Rock." The fans are much happier to see the story progress rather than watching this fighting stuff. This is all the author was trying to say.

His job as a Sports editor is to look at things critically from a sporting perspective. Your job (Jamie, Rob and others), as a reader, is to agree or disagree from a SPORTS perspective. I highly doubt that either of you can argue that wrestling is focused on "the fight" more than ever before.

What you can say though, is that wrestling is more profit oriented now and is willing to do anything to lure you Twister/Armageddon/Objective '90s children into the fold, including putting half-naked women on stage and using inappropriate and pointless swearing to display its out of control nature. This is only a reflection of today's society and the way the entertainment business is out of control.

I am a wrestling fan that is a devoted follower of the WWF. The only difference between you (Jamie, Rob and others) and I is that I am not naive and can actually ADMIT that wrestling has changed and things are different. You cannot deny that. So why don't you do the extremely talented, knowledgeable and PERCEPTIVE Gazette Sports staff a favour and look at things from a SPORTS perspective as opposed to trying to make a Deep Impact.

Mike Alexander
Kinesiology III

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