Volume 92, Issue 47

Thursday, November 26, 1998

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There are a lot of ads that are offensive

Re: Sex does sell, Nov. 18

To the Editor:

Ah, let me dry a nostalgic tear from my eye. There have been a few complaints towards The Gazette or Westernizer this year, on issues where something was taken too seriously, things that harken back to the days of the infamous Diesel ad early last year or the Amigo "In" ad at the end of the year.

What took me down this memory lane was the complaint against the Urban Sound Exchange ad of Nov. 18. Granted, the girl portrayed is useless in selling CDs and the marketing is questionable, but if the trend nowadays is to find unbelievably meaningless things to write about, let me point out three things in the Nov. 18 Gazette that I find thoroughly offensive.

First, on page 3, I believe that the sight of cooking burgers is traumatic for burgers everywhere, who would be horrified to open The Gazette to see their own kind cooked mercilessly on an open flame for later consumption.

Second, on page 1, I'm sure that dummies don't appreciate the stereotype that they are only useful for emulating human bodies – this photo condones that stereotype.

Lastly, Rick McGhie is not a cartoon character. Therefore The Spoke ad with his likeness is also, like the above mentioned instances, pure evil.

Chris Jongkind
Geography III

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