Volume 92, Issue 47

Thursday, November 26, 1998

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Those ads are so damn clever

Re: Sex does sell, Nov. 18

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to Dina Mashayekhi's letter, "Sex does sell," in last Wednesday's Gazette. She was complaining about an Urban Sound Exchange advertisement in The Gazette a week previous to her article.

The ad featured a woman in her underwear and was titled "Bare Bone Deals." I'm hoping that I can shed some light on her question "What does this picture of this nearly naked woman have to do with CDs?"

The picture was taken from a postcard which Urban Sound Exchange sells. They also sell T-shirts, posters, tapes and stickers. Their previous ads have also incorporated various stickers and postcards that they sell. By showing this postcard, they are advertising what they sell and the witty slogan relates to their business – they have thousands of CDs under $12.

Second, the picture is of Madonna – one of the world's top-selling female pop icons, who also owns her own record company. Hence, she has everything to do with selling CDs. I am very surprised that someone in the MIT and women's studies programs did not recognize Madonna.

Here I was thinking that a highly successful female who is constantly at the centre of the media would be a relevant subject of study for someone in Ms. Mashayekhi's programs.

I must say that I am disappointed in the attack on Urban Sound Exchange. It leads me to believe that Ms. Mashayekhi falls into the category of people who have the most to say about something they know very little about.

I do understand the concern for exploiting women and how it is disturbing to be found in a school newspaper. I would be in full agreement if the advertisement in question was not suitable for the company, but I believe that it was. I look forward to seeing the next Urban Sound Exchange advertisement, because they are always so clever and amusing.

Barclay Olver
Undeclared II

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