Volume 92, Issue 48

Friday, November 27, 1998




Have you seen this sign?

Western's Foot Patrol is offering a $50 reward for the return of one of the magnetic signs used on the Foot Patrol van.

The sign fell off of the van on Nov. 23 during routine operations, said Dave Crombie, a coordinator of Foot Patrol.

Crombie wants the sign back to ensure the safety of the community and has issued a warning for people not to get into a vehicle with a foot patrol sign, unless the drivers are wearing the official purple and silver jackets.

"We want to be open with the community and are concerned foremost with safety," Crombie said.

To prevent this problem in the future, Foot Patrol is discontinuing use of the magnetic signs on the van. "We had ordered the signs before the van was decorated with official emblems," he said. "The van is now clearly marked with university police markings and red lights, so we no longer need the signs."

With respect to the return of the sign, Crombie said the main concern is its retrieval. "Fifty dollars. No questions asked," he said.


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