Volume 92, Issue 48

Friday, November 27, 1998



Keep it beautiful

Re: Garbage on campus

To the Editor:
When I decided to attend the University of Western Ontario, the physical beauty and cleanliness of its campus were leading factors in my decision.

I graduated in 1996 and have since returned and I cannot believe how the campus has changed. Sure, the buildings are all where they used to be and the grass is still green, but the amount of visible garbage on campus is unbelievable.

Day in and day out, no matter where I walk, Coke cans, water bottles, Tim Horton cups and cigarette butts seem to carpet our once beautiful campus. Some specific examples include the Concrete Beach, which needs no explanation, the mini-landfill site forming around the high voltage barrier by the back parking lot entrance to the UCC and the cigarette butt cemeteries outside any building entrance.

The other day I even saw a used condom package just outside of the Social Science Centre (which prompted me to write this letter). What people do on their own time does not concern me, but where people are leaving their garbage does. There are plenty of garbage cans on campus and even more inside the buildings where our garbage should be put.

I am very proud to be at Western and promote it to all who will listen. We need to promote out campus as a clean and beautiful environment, where the grass is always green, not Coke can red, Tim Horton's cup brown or cigarette butt orange.

Brian Hinrichs
Social Science IV

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