Volume 92, Issue 33

Tuesday, November 3, 1998



Wasted equality

Equity Week began yesterday with nothing more than a silent murmur from a select few.

The idea behind this week is to celebrate the diversity which makes up the university population and discuss human issues around campus. It is an attempt to educate thousands of people about the importance of the different cultures at Western and other equity issues this school faces.

Equity Week is a chance for members of the student body to learn from each other and understand the different things which go on day to day here on campus.

An excellent concept if appropriately followed.

The problem with this week's beginning is that out of 65 invited groups from around campus, only nine showed up for the first day of a week dedicated to them – with only four more scheduled to join them the rest of the week.

What a shame!

It does not make sense for so many groups to not take the opportunity to be heard and express their goals. The purpose of having cultural and human issues-oriented clubs around campus is so that members can teach others about their backgrounds their issues.

Yesterday proved over half of these clubs on campus are not doing their jobs.

The spirit of this week is about education and it is impossible to learn from people who do not give the effort to teach. With a fraction of the groups attending, it becomes difficult to call the event equal or diverse.

The groups which did not attend yesterday and more importantly, those who do not plan on attending, are making their existence useless. Western is a diverse campus and it would be nice if the students had a chance to know that, aside from just wearing a pin which says so.

Campus groups should take this opportunity to promote the issues and concerns which they work so hard to get across to the students. Groups have a chance to reach more people through this week than just about any other week of the year.

This is their week and they should take full advantage of the opportunity being presented. The effort should be made to get out and show people what these groups are all about. Why not show students what these groups bring to campus and demonstrate they have a lot to be proud of as students of this institution?

These groups play an important part of the life on campus and it is doubly important they realize this and attempt to make their presence felt. One of the most wonderful aspects of this campus is its diversity, making this a great week to celebrate.

Still it's hard to celebrate when not everyone comes to the party.

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