Volume 92, Issue 33

Tuesday, November 3, 1998



Why are exams so late this year?

Re: Financial hazards of Saturday exams, Oct. 28

To the Editor:

I am having a major problem with my December exams. It is not because Christmas is supposed to be for rest, relaxation and valuable time with loved ones.

So far, this letter bears a strong resemblance to one written by Bree Flowers last week. I completely support your view regarding Saturday exams and how it interferes with your attempt to cover the disgusting costs of rising tuition. Honestly, when I read your letter, I sympathized with you, but did not think of writing my own since I do not have the same problem – I admit, pretty lazy and selfish of me.

However, I was informed by my boss that my company will not allow me to return as an employee for the Christmas season because I will not be returning to my hometown until Dec. 23.

Initially, when I found out that my exams run until the 22nd (why so late?), I was disappointed because I knew that I would not be able to earn as much money as I did last year. Last year I was spoiled as my exams finished early. I was home and working by Dec. 9 and earned over $1,000 in a three-week period.

Well, to whoever decides upon the exam schedules – THANK YOU! Now this year, I will be earning NOTHING! My employer told me that the Christmas rush will be over by the time I would have returned and there was nothing they could do for me. So now, on top of every other stress in my life, I have to wonder how I will make it to the end of April.

I don't want to come across as a complainer, but consider this letter a formal complaint against the office of the registrar. Since I am in honours psychology, there are certain courses that I must take. Does it not make sense to even the most simple minded individual that grouping exams together by faculty/program is definitely a good idea?

Why does it seem that every effort made to be self-supporting is faced with yet another dilemma? Merry Christmas!

Amber Lemieux

Psychology II

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