Volume 92, Issue 33

Tuesday, November 3, 1998



Ignorant nobility

Re: Wasting my student fees, Oct. 23

To the Editor:

At this time I would like to take my hat off to Patrick O'Neil. I see that we have a truly noble person who has of late come under fire. You might ask, "Why is it that he should be called noble?" It is because Mr. O'Neil has gone beyond the accepted social norms to say what very well may be right and good. Is this wrong? Not at all – if he is right – and he could very well be right.

May it be kept in mind that Mr. O'Neil is not only saying that the homosexual lifestyle is unhealthy. Being a Christian, I would imagine that he would say that all sexually active lifestyles outside of a monogamous context are unhealthy. If that is the case, there is no question that a homosexual lifestyle poses far more health risks than does that of a monogamous lifestyle. However, although this may be true, that is not why I call him noble.

The reason that I call him noble is that he is placing himself under attack so that others might benefit. That is to say, he believes wholeheartedly that homosexuality poses unnecessary health risks and, therefore, does not want it promoted.

Is this for his sake? I think not, since he is clearly aware of the lifestyle and has rejected it. Whose sake can it be for then? Obviously, it is for the sake of his peers at Western. Could it be that his concern is not out of spite, but out of a care for others. He has been willing to sacrifice his own reputation to achieve this. How many others would do the same? It is good to see a man who cares for others enough to stand firm with his face into the storm.

N. D. Muscutt

Philosophy I

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