Volume 92, Issue 33

Tuesday, November 3, 1998



People only listen to their friends

Re: Don't forget to take a turn, Oct. 27

To the Editor:

Chris Sinal has either refused or ignored to see the effects of the dislodgement of ACES to those members who were available to observe the Sept. 30 meeting.

It was quite obvious that I, along with Paula Platero (past president of ACES), were not going to see any change of the resulting vote once complete. It was at this point that all of us chose to leave from the scene of the crime committed on behalf of the USC council members and executive.

Chris, to your knowledge, do you know if any councillors did not attend the mandatory training seminars? And of those of you who did attend – why was there the look of "What the hell is going on?" when the speaker (Rory Capern) was challenged by Paula.

Let me tell you something Chris. How do you expect a member to hang around to ask questions AFTER the vote has taken place? What is the point of trying to change the minds of these individuals since none of them looked like they were even listening to me while I tried to show the importance of our existence? Secondly, council members don't even know Robert's Rules of Order – so how should anyone who attends the meeting as observers?

From your pathetic comment, it looks as though responsibility of free speech comes to a definite blocked door on your behalf. This is the problem with the USC – if I wasn't your friend you wouldn't give two shits about my opinion.

Josee Morin

Former ACES acting president

Sociology III

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