Volume 92, Issue 35

Thursday, November 5, 1998

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The emergence of a new nation

Re: The future of post secondary education

To the Editor:
Witness the emerging of a new nation.

Years from now (if mentioned how soon, it may frighten), there shall be universities of impeccable design. Each one rich in research and development, with distinguished professors and the latest technologies. They are the gems of a post secondary education dream and are commended worldwide.

Those who attend these universities, however, are of a prestigious class. They do not consist of the diligent next door neighbour who cracks his back working on each assignment, nor are they filled with the naturally intelligent wizards that cluster the highest standings in grades. They are not for the ambitious young women who wish to transform the workforce with their vision. These schools are not intended for them.

Schools of this type are for those with heavy pockets. Tuition fees have skyrocketed and made these true "dream" schools impossible for those of inferior wages. They discriminate not against those unable to handle the workload that university entails, rather, against those unable to afford the colossal fees.

So we are left with the schools that cater to a homogenous group. It's unfair to call these students unfit for university because we cannot assess the true makeup of this class. However, it is certain that they do not reflect the truly diverse, skilled population that Canada is home to. They deny the opportunity for university education to those who wholly deserve it. They project the impediment of cost at the highest level, maybe strike down the ability to produce a troop of highly skilled Canadians that our universities have grown accustomed to doing.

This is a future not very distant nor is it distorted. This is a Canada with a corrupted post secondary education system, offered exclusively to the wealthy – a shame to all the bright students who seek and deserve a university education, but lack the funds to get there.

Western administration contemplates a hike in tuition fees. When we think about how important this issue is remember to think about years from now.

And picture that painful nation that may emerge.

Deepak Sethi
Science I

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