Volume 92, Issue 36

Friday, November 6, 1998

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Helping the right

Re: PSA literature sparks conflict, Nov. 4

To the Editor:

This is in regards to the article in The Gazette on Nov. 4. It is indeed quite interesting that WICSA, a club which claims to represent all of South Asian descent and rarely, if ever, makes claims to being a club with a political agenda, has asked for the resignation of a fellow South Asian.

What is perhaps even more interesting is that this was done in regards to an event which WICSA had no interest in prior to Monday – interest being judged by attendance of the equity round table.

Kashmir is an issue which transcends political differences between India and Pakistan. It is an issue which concerns Muslims the world over, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the islands of Indonesia. Given that approximately 17 per cent of India's population is Muslim, one would expect that WICSA would also be sensitive to the Kashmir issue and IF it had a political agenda, would serve to provide unbiased and unadulterated information from neutral sources.

WICSA, although always claiming to take the high road by avoiding controversial issues, has not only asked for the resignation of the equity commissioner, but is effectively, essentially and literally asking for the muzzling of the PSA when it comes to the Kashmir issue.

It appears that the enforcement of WICSA's political agenda is in tune with that of the Indian government's. As long as no one brings up Kashmir, where upwards of 20,000 people have died since 1990, where Muslim holy sites have been desecrated and where people have been deprived of the right to determine their own political fate, they are everybody's best friend. The moment someone brings up the issue, they must be deprived of the basic human right of free speech.

Bravo WICSA for only representing the extreme right wing of Indian politics and for effectively being the mouth pieces of the Indian government.

Ahmer Azhar Karimuddin
Medicine II

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