Volume 92, Issue 17

Thursday, October 1, 1998

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Underground Sound

By Mark Lewandowski
Gazette Staff

This week's look at underground London takes us into the mixed-up world of Slipnaught. "We're a folk-rock-fusion type band," explains guitarist and songwriter for the band Graeme Kornies. Oh yeah, that type.

Slipnaught has had a checkered career evolving out of the slums of indie rock obscurity but the tide is definitely turning in their direction. This present version of Slipnaught has been together for three and a half years and is currently recording their first collaborative album.

The burden of songwriting is divided between Kornies and his lead strumming buddy Nate Kreiswirth. A combination which has led the band into the studio.

"Recording in Fanshawe's first-year studio is great because it's free," Kornies comments, then steps back. "As long as you do it with someone who uses it for their school project." Fellow young artists – take notes.

Kornies admits the band is Dave Matthews/Blind Melon influenced. "But the glorification of rock stars after they've died gets me kind of annoyed," Kornies goes on to include Jeff Buckley in his list of influences – how ironic. He agrees.

Slipnaught keeps a positive attitude about fellow local musicians often jamming with Used Erotica and Kangaroo. Their only nemesis being "the kid with the one eyebrow," Kornies jokes. But seriously, their network of friends and connections has led to shows at The Embassy and Call the Office.

The band's name originated from – well, an accident. Kornies recalls they were playing some "crappy battle of the bands" and they needed a name so they looked in the dictionary for the strangest thing they could find and it just stuck. "We all really hate the name but it's too late to change it now," Kornies says.

The members plan on continuing their already advanced musical education into the post secondary world and as Kornies indicates, they really want to "make something out of it."

Keep your ear to the ground London.

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