Volume 92, Issue 17

Thursday, October 1, 1998

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Police Blotter

Gazette Staff

Western had a pretty average week crime-wise according to University Police Department Const. Wendy McGowan.

Last Friday the Emergency Response Team was activated on standby after the tremors of an earthquake were felt through campus, said McGowan. No one, however, was injured.

Elsewhere, McGowan said a call came in earlier this week from a student who believed someone may have slipped something into her drink last Saturday at the Wave. Following the consumption of her drink a female student began to feel ill and needed to be assisted home by her friends. McGowan stressed the claims were unsubstantiated but the incident was brought to the attention of the Wave's staff to promote awareness.

That same evening the UPD also received a call from a female student concerned there was someone suspicious in the area of Sarnia and Western Roads. "She was reluctant to continue on to her residence," McGowan said.

Due to the needs and safety of students the UPD will go off campus to help out, she added.

The weekend festivities also featured several incidents of drinking in public places. McGowan said UPD officers issued warnings to several guilty students and a fine of $125 was given to another. "We have a zero tolerance policy. There is a very good chance students will be charged," McGowan said.

Proving not all calls come after dark, the UPD received a call Friday afternoon that a wallet was stolen from the University Community Centre. "It was likely set down accidentally or left behind," McGowan said. Fortunately a lot of lost items are turned into the UPD quickly and then returned to their owners, she added.

The UPD has spent the week improving on cooperative efforts with London police and preparing for homecoming, McGowan said. "It's a party time and because of the festivities there are more events relating to the consumption of alcohol – we want to see people have a fun, safe time."

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